About Me

I am a Yoga teacher, seeker and a foodie...

My name is Emily Tonkin. I grew up in a small town in The Netherlands. I was very fortunate to grow
up in a family that encouraged a healthy lifestyle. My mother and stepdad grew their own veggies and
herbs and cooked mainly home & plants-based meals. My mother is a nutritionist and has ingrained in
me to live a life in balance. To me this means to live a life as close to our natural state as possible, so
eating and drinking wholefoods that nourish the body and mind. My stepdad is a meditation teacher
and together with my mother they run holistic workshops. Their love and passion to helping others
come back to their best has rubbed off on me.
I went travelling around Australia in 2012 and fell in love with the raw beauty of the land. I am lucky
enough to call Sydney my home now. After my arrival I started working in the sales and recruitment
industry. I sat behind a desk for many years and this was showing up with physical ailments and brain
fog. It is then when I found yoga and meditation. It all started off with a challenge, but I fell in love
with it. I instantly noticed the changes within my mood, my body and my overall well being.
I had never felt such a connection to anything before and knew that I had to share this practice and
the tools to living a more balanced life with others. In 2017 I finally decided to study the science of
yoga and have been teaching since. I quit my day job in 2018 and have been focusing on helping
corporate workers find ways to create balance at work and at home.
For me the best part is, seeing people using the tools of yoga & mediation on the mat as well as off
the mat. My mission is to contribute to a happier and more balanced planet through helping people
reconnect to themselves. Connecting through movement and the breath.


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