By Emily Tonkin

August 14, 2019


When we find ourselves at a cross road in life, we find that this is when making a decision counts the most. I am experiencing this as we speak. I have always been someone who needs new challenging and exciting things happen in life to get me going. If I don’t get challenged I get depressed. That is why I have moved around from place to place and job to job a fair bit in life.
I believe that the universe listens to what your desire most. My desire for a long time has been to work in the yoga and health industry. Now that I have started working in this industry, multiple things are coming my way all at once. All the opportunities are good ones too, so what to do?
What I would have normally done is gone into a complete panic and gone for the one that sounds the best. When I say sounds the best, I mean looks the best to the outside world, the coolest, if that makes sense. I would have regretted making that decision after a few weeks and wished I had chosen something else instead. I was cursed with the grass is greener on the other side fever. Looking back now, every decision I made, even if I regretted making it back then, turned out to be the best decision either way as they have all lead me to where I am today. So, with that knowledge, I find I am calmer this time at my next major cross road in life. Have I made a decision yet? No.
I decided not to rush into the decision-making process, but rather wait it out for a bit. I have sat on the 3 options for a week now, and funnily enough the universe is making the decision easier for me with every passing day. 1 of the opportunities has very green looking grass, but turns out not to be the right thing for me. The second is a fantastic chance for someone else, but not for me as it doesn’t suit my need for quality time with my family. So, option 3 is the one for me and being honest, that was always going to be the case. Sometimes the universe gives you everything at once to make you realise that what you are doing right now is the right path. The right path for you. When everything seems to come towards you at the same time, it is up to you to stand your ground, stay strong and have faith you are heading the right direction.
Don’t let the Willie Wonka’s of the world steer you away from your goal. Willie Wonka seems to give you what you want, but in the end will lead you into a trap. It is in your hands to grab the tools that are already available and use them to build and design a life to suit you. So next time you find yourself at a cross road, keep doing what you are doing for a week and see what the universe automatically clears up for you to help you along the way. Don’t let your thoughts win the battle, let your desire to fulfil your path be greater than anything else.
Oh and whilst we are at it… grab a bucket and water your own grass.

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