By Emily Tonkin

August 15, 2019

Yoga off the mat

Namaste my holy friends and spirit animals. That is how I tend to feel towards the end of a yoga class. I lay in Savasana thinking, this is great, I feel great, yoga is soo great. But then, Monday morning 6.15am, the alarm… Now how do I, and all of us retain this great feeling we have in Savasana in our normal day to day lives? Here some of my tips: (By the way, I am not saying they will work for you, but it does for me)
– Eat holy food, meaning fresh, organic if possible and not processed. That sounds silly. But I mean, when you eat healthy and fresh produce you mentally feel good and this will result in feeling better in your body.
– Breathe. Whenever you feel like life is getting to you, breathe. You learn it on your mat, so use this life changing (literally) skill off the mat.
– Laugh. I have lately just laughed at situations, whereas before I would have lost my sh&^%$&t. Laugh at the situation, especially if the event will not matter in a few days or hours from now.
– Do stuff you love! Instead of coming home and sulking on the sofa, do something you love. Yes, even if this means eating a whole box of chocolate sultanas. Sometimes you need to do little things to keep you sain.
– Enjoy life. You are here anyway. Some people don’t live long lives. So make the most of it.
– Spend time with the people you love the most. They are all that matters. Why waste time on people who you don’t even like hanging out with?
– Lastly, BE YOU. Be yourself everywhere you go. My idea behind that is: If you are yourself wherever you go, people can never be surprised by the real you, as you always shows them your true colours anyway. Hope this puts a smile on your face, if not, maybe try some of the above.

have to’s
Nowadays you read so many blogs and articles online about motivation. Quoting ‘You don’t have to do anything you don’t want’. Well I hate to break the news, but that is a lie. In fact, most times you do have to do things you don’t want. And instead of breaking your head over those things, it is better to accept it. Or maybe better? Make the things you don’t want to do the things you do want to do. Most of us (as much as entrepreneurship is advertised and praised nowadays) aren’t cut out to be a business owner. We kind of like the safety of our stable income, our home, our partner and our life. This means that you will have to work, because without work you will be without money, which we all know can cause some damage in various different areas of your life. Unless you want to become homeless then go for it, don’t work. But face the fact, money doesn’t make you happy, but it sure helps out a bit. So you have to work, good, we have cleared that one up. But work can be a good thing! Work gives you a network of people, it gives you income, and it gives you freedom to some extent as you get to spend the money on things you want. And yes, you have to pay rent or a mortgage if you want a roof over your head. You get the point of Have to’s? There are plenty of things you have to do. But instead of seeing that as a negative, look at is positively. These have to’s, drive you to make a life for yourself. A good life preferably, which again is up to you. Now it is up to you what your Have to’s are, but make them worthwhile. Choose an exciting have to. We live in a world full of choices. All you need to do is pick one. Sounds simple? It actually is that simple once you do it. Life is really good, and the grass is definitely not greener on other side. The grass is greener where you HAVE TO/WANT TO water it.

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