by Emily Tonkin

August 12, 2019

Transformation through Meditation

Starting a meditation practise is not an easy thing. Many of us suffer from ‘the never-ending chatter’ resulting in making excuses to not start meditating. My mind is too busy, I don’t have time, I don’t see the point, these are simply excuses made up by the ego. The ego does not like change and therefore does not like meditation. Every time you meditate you change. A small transformation happens, a shift in your consciousness.
The voice in your mind is the ego’s mask. It is the ego’s way to protect you. The voice is created over many years, conditioned by society, by judgement from others and the self. A way to make you fear change. Fear = Fake ego-driven anxiety reaction.
When you start to practise meditation that voice starts to quiet, creating space for your authentic self to surface. Your true human essence comes to life, experiencing joy, freedom and peace. We as souls have come to earth to experience being human. The true desire of every human on earth is to experience profound happiness and love in its purest form. Getting to that state we must experience the other side of the coin too, suffering, anger and sadness. Without light there is no darkness and without darkness there is no light.
Meditation does not guarantee you will not experience both sides of the coin. It makes the ego’s voice fade, bringing your authentic voice to the forefront. Allowing you to view each situation in a more peaceful state of mind, being able to ride the most challenging waves effortlessly like a seasoned surfer carefully selecting their wave. Reading the swell and becoming one with the ocean, choosing when to dive in or under an emotional wave, avoiding the otherwise tumbling and crashing white wash, not being in control and one with your emotions.
Your thoughts and emotions do not define who you are. This realisation is what meditation brings to light. It shows you which waves to ride and when to watch them from the shore. Knowing that your soul is here to experience all there is to being human. Creating a sense of calmness to connect once more to your purpose and set out on your path.
Like my yoga practise I try and practise meditation daily. If only 5 minutes a day. These 5 minutes will have a profound impact on your perspective towards life. Change the way you think and you can change your world. Practise sitting in a chair, listening to the sound of breath and the outside world for 5 minutes each day and you will keep your demons at bay.
Connecting to your true self will bring you closer to that all-important question: Why am I here?

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