By Emily Tonkin

August 13, 2019

What is yoga?

Yoga… what is yoga? I believe yoga is whatever you want it to be. The beauty of yoga is that it creates different experiences for each individual person. It’s like music. Music can bring up emotions of joy, sadness or anger, similar to a movie. Yoga for me is the same. Some classes give me joy, sometimes yoga can bring up sadness or frustration. Yoga is a way to connect to those feelings in the mind & body and just be with it. Ride the wave! To explain yoga simply: It is a form of movement which creates union between mind, body and spirit. Linking movement patterns to your inhale and exhale breath and connecting to the inner core of your being, your true self. Yoga is merely a practise which allows you to take time out from our busy minds and practise coming in the now. Our mind swing back and forth from living in the past to living in the future, causing anxiety, depression, worry and fear. Yoga cleanses our bodies and mind of any tension, negative thoughts and stress. Being conscious of the breath calms down our mind. The continuous practise of yoga will create more space in the body, flexibility in the body, will give you more clarity in the mind and makes you healthy. YOGA is for all, the young, the not so young, the old, men, women, children and the heck, animals can do yoga too! Life is for us all. Everybody deserves yogaJ. Give it a go if you haven’t tried it yet.

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