Personal Training

I understand that everyone is different and needs a custom individual training program to reach their purposes.
Here, you will take advantage of devoted one-on-one workouts, creating some kind of tandem with me (your trainer) and empowering you to concentrate on only one thing – your results. I will make a deep analysis of your overall physical state and real potential to develop a regimen designed especially for you, considering your current health condition, possible injuries, restrictions, and nutrition. Then I will guide you through the whole health and fitness program that includes your workouts in and out of the gym, your diet, and your lifestyle.


Small Group Classes

This group training program can help you reach the body you have always dreamed of and searched for, at least in 2 workouts a week.During these workouts, we will train in groups from 4 to 12 persons, with a professional instructor. I will show progression, perform the right regressions, and will also instruct and motivate 30-minute intensive training.
My group workouts with weights are designed in the form of alternating workouts or circuit training using different exercises, such as bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands, suspension training systems, and many others.


Nutrition Coaching

Diet and nutrition are an important part of a successful fitness program. I strive to pay as much attention to diet and nutrition as possible. It is essential to realize the effect of your diet on your productivity and how to sustain a healthy diet.
I am also a quality nutritionist working with a variety of clients to help them reach their weight loss and fitness goals. I will watch how your body reacts and adapts to various nutritional stimuli, and will help clients make successful changes to achieve their goals.