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Become Healthier, Stronger, Calmer & more Focused.

Make a step towards a healthier lifestyle and get personalised Yoga training and support from our dedicated team of qualified yoga teachers, that will help you live a more balanced life.

Corporate YogaTeam building

Individual Yoga Challenge 

Group & Personal Yoga Training

Meditation ProgramClarity & Focus

Benefits of Inflow Yoga practise...

What to expect

    Yoga is a practise which cultivates health and well being (physical, emotional, mental and social) through the regular practise of a range of many different techniques, including postures and movement, breath awareness and breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration, self-inquiry and meditation. Yoga has been proven to relieve head, neck and back strain along with carpel tunnel
    syndrome and high blood pressure. It can improve posture, flexibility and your mood. .
    Improved Coordination
    Enhanced Immune System
    Reduction in Blood Pressure
    Increased Energy, Stamina & Endurance
    Increased Muscle Strength, Endurance & Tone
    Decreased Clinical Symptoms of Depression
    Decreased Clinical Symptoms of Anxiety, Stress, Tension

Take the 21 Day Yoga Challenge

Take a step towardsa healthier, stronger, more relaxed, focusedbalanced you...
Take the 21 day Yoga challenge & Feel Great...

Yoga Training Services


Corporate Team Building & Well being

Inflow Yoga team building & well being programs are a great way to bring employees together in a way that stimulates creativity, problem solving, team connection, boosts morale and focus, all attributes any thriving company looks for in their teams.


Group Training

Inflow Yoga group training sessions develop each training plan to meet your particular goals and to achieve long-term results.


  1 on 1 Private 

Inflow Yoga 1 on 1 private sessions are great for improving technique, consolidating your yoga knowledge while really getting to experience the underlying principles of Yoga.


You may be wondering who is this passionate yogi... 

 Well, first thank you for dropping by to Inflow Yoga. Let me introduce myself...

My name is Emily,I have created Inflow Yoga as a way to help people get healthier, more toned, fitter, mentally calmer, relaxed and more importantly learn the skills to hold space and become a beacon of positive influence in this seemingly negative world.I would love for you to join me on this journey.

Pricing Plans

  • Corporate Yoga 

    Customised pricing based on the businesses requirements
    On going Sessions Weekly

     Corporate sessions completely customised for your teams needs and objectives find out more here (60 min each)Full Evaluation

  •  Single Session

    $20Single one off Session

    1 single session of any of our classesSee our classes here (60 min each)Full Evaluation

  • 10 Session Pass

    $15010 Sessions @ 15 per class

    10 Sessions from any of our classesSee our classes here (60 min each)Full Evaluation

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